Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 7

The next morning we fly over the island and check everything is all good, and then we see a big sign that says ICE CREAM and a truck. We swoop down to find Jordan and Cairo with a big ice cream truck and there were heaps of other people there to. OH MY GOSH, we realise that its the rest of the class! Its like a reunion, wow we havn't seen these people for ages! This is pretty cool. So we find that Jordan and Cairo have somehow created an ice cream truck? I don't know how, and I also don't know how that is sustainable?

So we go and greet everybody and have an ice cream and relax for a moment, then we have a couple more ice creams and sit back and relax once more. As you can probably realise you lose track of time when you are sitting back chatting and eating large ammounts of delicious ice cream. So thats exactly what happened to us, we lost track of timing and it suddenly started getting really late really fast! So we decide to stay and camp here for the night. As did quite alot of the others too. We were jsut so busy talking and sharing stories about what we have experienced on the island and what our theories have been.

So we enjoy a nice evening with eachother just being happy.

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