Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 10

We all wake up feeling one million times better than before! And decide to make a plan for the day ahead and try and do something productive with our day because we are all feeling restless and need to do something to keep us moving.

I have an idea that we could visit the little island just off the coast a little, or maybe visit the little beach bay looking thing by the big mountain. We decide to go to the island first, and if we have enough time we'll go to the beach after. Just to check it out, we pack up some canisters with the waterfall water in it, so we don't get dehydrated or if we just need a little boost, we also grab a couple of apples off the tree and a few handfuls of berries, and off we go! On a expedition to the little island.

We fly over and don't see any one, they are probably still recovering from the ice cream attack, because we did have an advantage because we had the special water that helps your health and nutrition. Maybe we should let the other know about the waterfall so they can get healthier too? No, we don't won't it to run out!

We finally get there and land on it's lovely beach with palm trees and golden sand. It feels so good to be in the warm summer heat. We all run down and lie on the sand! It is a very beautiful island. It is the nicest feeling ever just lying and soaking up the sun. We go deeper in to the island, and then we find Mr Woody and Miss McConnell's old house they were going to live in! Ha ha its very funny its small and cosy looking and made out of limestone and other materials. Its funny that there used to be life here.

Suddenly it starts getting dark, it must have taken us longer than we thought to get over here?! Darn we won't have time to go to the other beach today, we'll have to stay the night and get up early to do it tomorrow. So Emma creates a bonfire and a big shield around it to protect the environment from bad fumes in the smoke, and we roast marsh mellows and relax and have fun.
Well we probably wouldn't have any marsh mellows but maybe some berries!
After that we pack up and stay the night.

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