Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 14

LAST DAY! Wow this has gone so fast its crazy!

We wake the next day full of excitement and eat a good breakfast quickly and get ready fast so we can swim out to the spaceship again and deliver the ankh! So when everyone is ready we try and get straight out there to present the aliens with our gift. None of us can wait until 12 noon, so we leave at ten to 12 instead!

The swim is pretty straight forward and no one gets tangled up this time, we get there in short timing, and none of us can contain our excitement, so we quickly jump out and on to the opening of the ship and I press the button again and this time the ship starts going up, up, up, into the sky but very slowly. The alien opens the door and summons us in and to follow him.

We follow him into the control room, and he says very slowly, "You have the ankh?"
"Yes, we do. You learnt to speak english?" I say, after all I am the spokeswomen for our group.
"Very good, and yes we have learnt to speak english, it has been quite a challenge. Can we please have the ankh?"
"That's good, yes, here it is." Morgan steps forward, slowly she is a little bit apprehensive of the aliens, "Here, it was a gift to me, but you need it to get us back so here take it." She says frightened.
"Thank you very much, I sense tension between me and you, there is no need to worry, you will not regret this decision. We are on your side, ahhhh that's better."
Morgan chukles a little bit. I can see why! Haha.

The alien places tha ankh in a little slot next to the steering wheel, and we start getting faster and faster slowly leaving Matainui, but hopefully not forever!

Day 13

We wake up the next day and we decide to go to the little beach by the mountain, and it is just a normal beach with palm trees and warm golden sand and bright blue water crashing against the shore. We thought we would find something interesting like a spaceship, but no, This beach was normal, wait is that a whale I can see in the ocean? No! Its a spaceship! Oh no, it is a whale, I made mistake. The big grey object started coming closer, more of its body started emerging, I'm mistaking again it must be a spaceship! This might be our chance to get off this island?! Or it could just be another one of the spaceships we went in last time, or the same one even. But still we could find a way to get off here with it!

I really want to go out there but the guys think its too dangerous for a girl, I think their attitude is totally sexist so I insist on going, so James, Mac and I swim out to the strange space ship and on our way Mac got caught in a big clump of thick deep green seaweed, at first me and James didn't know where he had gone and we worried a little bit then we see bubbles arising from the bottom and realise he must be down there so quickly James dives under and I'm quick to follow, we find Mac swinging his legs and arms around in anguish. We try and pull him up, but hes really caught up, we untangle him as fast as possible, and quickly pull him to the surface. He is OK but very shocked about what had just happened and is very cautious for the rest of the way.

When we finally get there we find that is in fact a real spaceship. We try and find the entrance, and it takes ages and allot of breaths but we soon get there. When we do, there is a button and I press it as soon as I see it, and slowly the spaceship starts coming out of the water and rising to the top of the water so its like floating on top, then the door opens and we go in, when we get in one of the aliens we saw before, hands as each a towel and, summons us to follow it or him or her? It leads us to the control room and hands us a pad of paper and a pen to write in, so I grab it and write, "Hello, we meet you last time at the top of the mountain? Do you remember?" It take the paper back and writes "Yes I remember so do my fellow alien friends, we saw you approaching in our security camera, how did you find us?" some how they must have learnt to write in English? "We found you because I spotting you ship bobbing in the ocean and I thought it was a whale, but then realised it was you guys, do you know how to get us off this island?"
"Yes, you can come with us, but only when your mission has been completed, you must find an ankh that looks like this, (draws a picture of the ankh) and bring it to us, it is the key to the way out."
"Yes, OK OK, but when do we need to do it by?"
"Tomorrow, if possible."
"OK, we can do it, we will be back here tomorrow with the ankh at no later than 12 noon."
"Thank you, we will promise to look after you, once this is finished, I will show you the way out."
"Thank you."

It then leads us back to the door, and waves us goodbye. We swim back to shore, Mac being very careful, and when we get back we a bowled over with questions, "What happened?" "Can we get home?" lots of questions. We tell them what happens in turns, and everyone is fascinated, and when we say about the ankh Morgan jumps up and says "I have the ankh!" And we all scream and shout and applaud the fact that we can finally get off Matainui and see our parents and family and parents again! We all embrace.

For the rest of the night we cuddle up and are all very excited.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 12

The next morning we all told Morgan what had happened, Emma then told them to bring her a long twig and she made that into a rope, they then put it around Morgans neck and I woke up. They told her never to take off the necklace because something very bad would happen.
She dare not take off the necklace in any situation, I could tell she kept thinking about the dream and what if it came true the document said that there were two groups and she seemed really scared.
I heard her say herself if I don't think about it I won't get scared and so I did.
We forgot it and carried on with our journeys.
Morgan, Leah, Emma and I went down to the beach around the little island and rested there for a while.

Suddenly a green alien figure came and took us we suspected it was one of the bad aliens from my dream, we were freaking out as we knew what would happen as it was exactly like Morgans dream!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 11

The next morning I awake first and take my blanket and go and watch the sun rising, its such a gorgeous sight. Then I hear rustling behind me and then I see Leah coming up to sit with me too, "Hey, its pretty isn't it?" Leah says. "Yea its gorgeous. Hey come share my blanket with me, I need some company." I reply.

"Thanks, it is a little bit chilly aye?" Leah remarks. "Mm mm, it is." I say again. "Did you get to sleep at all last night?!" Leah says annoyed, "Not really, aye. Morgan kept screaming and moving around?!" I say, "Yeah I hope she's all right." Leah says, "Yea, ask her what she was dreaming about last night. Because if it keeps happening none of us will get any sleep at all." I state. "Yes, that's a good idea." Leah finishes.

Then we enjoy the view for a couple of minutes and then we go back to camp and Morgan is no where to be seen, we don't want to wake the others so we go trying to find her, and exploring a little bit too! We search and search through the thick, heavy forest and then come across a clearing and find Morgan lying on the ground with her chest throbbing and the Ankh lying right beside her!? Morgan is unconscious and we try and wake her up but shes completely out to it so me and Leah have to carry her back to camp, we hope the others haven't woken up to find we weren't there because they would get a bit of a fright. So off we go trudging but through the forest, at least there is a little bit of a pathway where we can see our way back because we just followed the path we made on the way to find her.

We get back to camp and we find that the others are actually awake and playing knuckles bones with some stones they found to pass the time, "Where the hell have you guys been?" Emma shouts angrily. "We were trying to find Morgan because she went sleep walking and didn't comeback, and now shes unconscious and the ankh is no longer inside of her. We are really confused, but when she wakes up hopefully she'll be able to answer our questions." I explain. "Oh, okay, sorry for shouting." Emma apologizes. "Oh, don't worry we knew you guys were going to be at least a little bit angry, you had a right to as well." Leah says acceptably.
So we sit around for a while and wait for Morgan to wake up, because we can't really do anything or go anywhere unless shes awake.

"Maybe we need to put the ankh back in her to get her to wake up?" James says. "Oh yea, that's an awesome idea!" Mac says. "But we can't really do that a unless we stab it into her?! And we shouldn't do that, because it might kill her." I say intelligently. "Well, why don't we make a necklace and put it on her?" Emma says like we are a bunch of idiots. "Oh, yea okay." James says.

Then Emma shape shifts a long twig into a peice of thin rope and links it through the ankh and ties knot into it and puts it over heer head.

Slowly but gradually Morgan starts to wake up, she seems very dased and confused. I get her a cannister of some of the special waterfall water to make her feel better. Soon she does.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 10

We all wake up feeling one million times better than before! And decide to make a plan for the day ahead and try and do something productive with our day because we are all feeling restless and need to do something to keep us moving.

I have an idea that we could visit the little island just off the coast a little, or maybe visit the little beach bay looking thing by the big mountain. We decide to go to the island first, and if we have enough time we'll go to the beach after. Just to check it out, we pack up some canisters with the waterfall water in it, so we don't get dehydrated or if we just need a little boost, we also grab a couple of apples off the tree and a few handfuls of berries, and off we go! On a expedition to the little island.

We fly over and don't see any one, they are probably still recovering from the ice cream attack, because we did have an advantage because we had the special water that helps your health and nutrition. Maybe we should let the other know about the waterfall so they can get healthier too? No, we don't won't it to run out!

We finally get there and land on it's lovely beach with palm trees and golden sand. It feels so good to be in the warm summer heat. We all run down and lie on the sand! It is a very beautiful island. It is the nicest feeling ever just lying and soaking up the sun. We go deeper in to the island, and then we find Mr Woody and Miss McConnell's old house they were going to live in! Ha ha its very funny its small and cosy looking and made out of limestone and other materials. Its funny that there used to be life here.

Suddenly it starts getting dark, it must have taken us longer than we thought to get over here?! Darn we won't have time to go to the other beach today, we'll have to stay the night and get up early to do it tomorrow. So Emma creates a bonfire and a big shield around it to protect the environment from bad fumes in the smoke, and we roast marsh mellows and relax and have fun.
Well we probably wouldn't have any marsh mellows but maybe some berries!
After that we pack up and stay the night.

Day 9

We wake up very slowly and everyone is feeling very ill, even me and I love ice cream. Yes we all feel very crook and are moving very slowly, we all refuse another breakfast of ice cream. I for one just can't stomach it! As much as I want to I just can't have the ice cream I am just to full for words! Which is totally strange for me because I love and adore ice cream!

We talk amongst ourselves and decide as a group that we are going to go back to the waterfall and refresh ourselves with some of that water!

So off we go flying off to the waterfall and have some water then go into a deep, deep sleep and try and sleep off our terrible sickness we have picked up!

Day 8

We all rise the next morning to a lovely breakfast of ice cream, I love ice cream and could never get sick of it, but that is not the sam ewith some of the others, some of them are feeling really sick. Hope they start to feel a little bit better. Any way when I hop out of the tent I see this huge pool of ice cream! How crazy is that? Jordan and Cairo are going around delivering these weird looking special suits that they are telling us we must wear when we go in the ice cream pool or else we will get full really easy and won't be able to enjoy it as much as we could. So I agree and quickly wake the others so thay can come and have some fun too!

"Wait a minute!" Morgan cries questioningly, "This could be some kind of plot to get control over all of us?!"she finishes.

"NO, don't listen to her, she doesn't know what she's talking about. Everybody just calm down, I swear on my life that I am most definatly not doing a thing like that!" Jordan shouts certainly. Well I beleive him and so do alot of other peopl, so I think it should be fine. So we all take our suits put them on briskly so we get in first and hop in the endless pit of ice cream! "WOO HOO!" I keep hearing excited screams! This is the most fun I've had in ages!

Well the days nearly gone so we pack up and stay the night again.

Day 7

The next morning we fly over the island and check everything is all good, and then we see a big sign that says ICE CREAM and a truck. We swoop down to find Jordan and Cairo with a big ice cream truck and there were heaps of other people there to. OH MY GOSH, we realise that its the rest of the class! Its like a reunion, wow we havn't seen these people for ages! This is pretty cool. So we find that Jordan and Cairo have somehow created an ice cream truck? I don't know how, and I also don't know how that is sustainable?

So we go and greet everybody and have an ice cream and relax for a moment, then we have a couple more ice creams and sit back and relax once more. As you can probably realise you lose track of time when you are sitting back chatting and eating large ammounts of delicious ice cream. So thats exactly what happened to us, we lost track of timing and it suddenly started getting really late really fast! So we decide to stay and camp here for the night. As did quite alot of the others too. We were jsut so busy talking and sharing stories about what we have experienced on the island and what our theories have been.

So we enjoy a nice evening with eachother just being happy.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 6

The monkey shows us a weird round portal that you can stand on and it looks like some kind of time machine or device like that. The monkey tells us to stand on it then he presses a button and said "Good luck" and then a see-through screen comes up around us and then in a flash we can suddenly see ourselves from like two days ago! Freaky, at least we are all together. We can see Leah, Morgan and I lying under the fern and Morgan looks white, ha ha that brings back memories!

Its funny how we reacted then, and now everything is all good. Then we watch Emma being healed by the skull, and James being the big swamp creature he is! Its really weird, now we have this new knowledge of this time portal! I wonder how far back in time it can take us?! I wonder who else know about this?

We see the beautiful waterfall and the big views from the top of the mountain its really funny, watching how we were acting and the little arguments we had. Then I had a gut wrenching thought that time would still be going in normal time and hopefully nothing has happened while we are here or else we could get trapped here! So we try and find a way to get out and then everything stops around us and then the shiny screen comes back up and we shoot back to the cave where we started, the monkey is waiting, "I knew it wouldn't take you long to figure it out" he says quickly. "What I don't get it how did we get out of it?" I cry distraught. "Well if you think about it hard enough you can get yourself out of it, but be very careful, it may sometimes be faulty." The monkey explains.

We are all pretty shocked. But still thankful for the knowledge we now behold of it. We then go to the waterfall again and sleep there the night.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Pictures of me on the island

Day 5

We set off to the cave very early in the morning, all of a sudden the waves roll in crashing on the surface beneath our feet then a portal of some kind opens up then the silver surfers got attracted to the portal and started going towards it, they could not get away from it being zapped up into the top and into thin air nothing was seen of them. Morgan flew up to the sky to check if they had gone there but there was no sight of them anywhere. We carried on telling stories and recounting our experiences down the river to the cave but inside we were all worrying about the other guys, but I guess we had to keep going. Along the way we all we worried and anxious about what we might find in the cave.

Finally, we arrived at the cave and waited at the entrance, first to go in was me being the only one willing to tough it out, followed by Emma, Leah and me, then Mac, James and Malik. I let out a terrifying scream, I was staring straight into the eyes of a Monkey that was talking to me, strange, very strange but he was talking about the technical thing beside him I didn't really understand anything because he was talking too fast. But one word I did understand properly was time machine and the thing standing next to him was very strange, I connected it together and thought that it was a time machine and we were going to go back in time or forwards but I didnt want to interrupt or disturb him by telling the other guys what I was thinking so I sat tight and listened to him babble on about something which I had no idea but I think James was listening, intrigued, the look on his face showed it all.

When the Monkey finished he turned and said to the rest of us "I used to be a Human but now I got mutated into a Talking Monkey." He said it like we were some kind of idiots, we felt pretty stupid, well it was all over our faces, we looked at James he was holding in all the laughter almost bursting! We couldn't believe it, how sad it must have been to be transformed into something like this? I really felt bad for him, everyone else thought it was a big joke, which made me even more upset.

Day 4

On day four we woke up to find that Morgan was white, then we discovered she was a Pegasus! Leah, Morgan and I had wings and we were lying under the fern. Then after we were given instructions to go and find the others we did. Leon, Josiah, Grayson and Andrew were following us but they didn't get any powers because they were silver surfer people instead. We spotted James climbing up the mountain holding Emma in his arms but he was hideous he was some sort of swamp monster and Emma was really sick so Mac used the skull to heal her and she was fine after that. We climbed up the top of the tallest mountain and saw the whole island and saw all the weird structures and the thing that surprised all of us was that the other mountains were Egyptian pyramids!? There were different things all over the island different things no one had seen before, Tunnels, caves and forests but the most enchanting was the waterfall. Morgan, Leah and I flew down to the waterfall and it was stunning. I was really thirsty and the water looked so good I took a sip and it was fresh, cool and so revitalising we put some in a canister and took it with us! Morgan still had the gold Ankh inside of her and it was being annoying, it really started to hurt her so I grabbed the balm and put it on a leaf and gave it to her to rub over her and she suddenly felt better, it was like a healing balm.
She felt strong and then Leah and I realised Morgan was a human again and we quickly told her then after a bit of thinking she changed back into a Pegasus then me and Leah tried it too and it worked, we can turn ourselves in and out of our special characters! Except when I turn into mine I have a little bag that has a strap that goes across my body and I have to put my jewellery in it ad take it out again when I need to. We then went down and slept by the waterfall for the night.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some pictures of the island

These are the things Morgan, Leah and I turn into!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Machu Picchu

I was confused because every one knew about Machu Picchu and I was like, what? So I decided to research it, and I found heaps of information...

Archaeologists have decided that the making of Machu Picchu began about 1450, and the city, which had about 200 stone structures, had people living in it for a century. But no one knows who lived at Machu Picchu and why it was built. Lots of professionals believe it was a royal estate and religious center for the Inca ruler and his family. Features such as private gardens and a bathroom, suggests that at least one very special or royal tribe or group of people stayed there. Experts say a population of about 300 people probably grew to 1,000 or something when the royal followers started living there too.

So that was helpful! I got alot of info from

Cool, Thanks.


Day 3

We wake up on a bed of metallic soft mattress stuff and we agree it was the best sleep we've had in ages, and when we are finally awake properly Leah informs us that we were unconscious after drinking that gooey liquid that momentarily made us feel really good then we crashed. Then we realise that we have been split into boy and girl cells. We hope the others are okay. We all decide we are starving and the next time there is an alien thing that walks past I ask for some food, it replies but I cannot understand it, hopefully it understood me. Thankfully it did because the alien returned with food enough for all of us. We are so pleased this is the most normal food we have had in a long time. Once we finish the alien comes back and unlocks the door, and takes us to the control room, Malik and Mac are there! But also three shiny, silver men? They all press little buttons on their watches and reveal themselves as Andrew, Grayson and Leon! They explain everything and all becomes clear.

And then we realise that we have landed on the top of the far left hand mountain, the biggest. Everyone seems fine where we are, hopefully Emma and James are okay too. Gradually we all start getting a strange feeling like we are sending James messages in his head, then it just go's away. The aliens come back and take us to a room where we are shown a video of why we are on Matainui and it explains everything, what it means is that we are here because we need to protect the island from pollution and global warming, and there is a big protective sheet all around the island, and that is why we went through the weird alpha state on the plane ride here! Then I ask why they are here and they put on another video and it explains that they have been put on a mission to oversee that we are doing a good job with looking after the island. Then after all that they say everything is okay and say it is time for us to go and carry on with our mission they have given us, to look after Matainui, but before we go we are each given a small token of power, I get given a trinket with a collection of Egyptian jewellary and a staff with a a statue of a lady with gold wings outspread and a tall figure in a gold dress and gold jewellary it is very confusing.

We all get off the ship and we are in a place like Machu Picchu it is so prehistoric it is the most amazing thing I've ever seen! it's like a glorious old palace. Then we go to a temple and there is a like a sacrifice table. Suddenly everyone feels the urge to sacrifice Malik, there is a dagger and everything! But then I suddenly snap out of it, and say guys, no we can't kill Malik! So instead I catch a wood pigeon and it is the hardest thing ever I feel terrible about this and every one else seems alright! But we have to, its the bird, or Malik. We do it, and then a big stone gateway slowly rises out of the ground, we all walk through it out of curiosity, and when we get to the other side I feel so confident and I can hear all the bird calls so clearly. And I put on all the jewellery, and make myself look like a goddess. I start getting a strange feeling in my back like I'm growing wings?!!? Morgan spots a berry bush that looks eatable, so we go over there and grab some berries to snack on. After we eat them we are feeling very tiresome and weary, so we decide to set up a camping area and try and settle for the night!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Egyptian Goddess

Morgan, Leah and me have started evolving into Egyptian Goddesses. And this is the one I am...


Responsible For: Immortality, Justice, Water, Weather, Wild Birds, Moon and Night, The Underworld.

Totemic Form: Vulture.