Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Top Ten Items.

I think everyone should take......

1. A watch with a compass.
2. Two first aid kits the second is a spare.
3. Flashlight or torch something to light up your path at night.
4. Whistle. Something to get peoples attention so if you get lost they know to follow the whistle.
5. Water purifying tablets, or a system that can d0 that.
6. A roll of plastic trash bags. They are light and water proof take them everywhere.
7. Flint or lighter or matches something to start a fire with, but make sure you can put it out again.
8. Knife. A sharp sturdy knife will be great to have on hand.
9. Tarpaulin. If you don't have a descent tarpaulin then you better have a very good shelter. Also they are always great for emergencies.
10. Some high calorie, protein and iron bars, to keep up your energy levels, always have some on hand.


Happy Camping!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 2

We wake up and my arm is so sore and it is green and throbbing, and there is a coarse black hair growing out of it like the one the spider had! My first reaction is "Oh my goodness! I'm going to die! Or turn into a spider!". Everyone else is freaking out, we must find an antidote before its to late! but in the meantime, we all agree we had a terrible sleep even though we were exhausted we still know it wasn't the best of sleeps we've had in our lifetime. My back aches and I feel the ground where I was sleeping, and all I feel is hard bumpy rockiness, we must have been way to tired last night to do anything about the sleeping situation. We pack up our gear and then the tent and find a huge stash of fossilised crops and bugs, in cased in what seems like a jewel like rock that you can see through. Leah mentioned it looked like amber, and amber is good for healing and is what the native Maori used to use when medicine wasn't around. so that could be useful for my arm, so Emma, puts a piece of it on my arm and wraps it up in a bandage, it make me feel so much better straight away, so that's good.

Then we hear a rustling noise in the bushes, we all go silent, and look at each other, questioningly. What could it be? In hope it's not that giant spider again! Then suddenly out pops Malik. We all give a sigh of relief. "What the heck are you doing here?" asks Leah. "Oh, guys it's okay you can come out now." says Malik into the bushes. Which puzzles us. But then James and Mac both step out, "What are you guys doing here?" Morgan says confused. "We're thinking maybe we should make an alliance, you know, join forces?" James states. "Oh, um that's very sudden, why do you want us, what do we get out of it?" I say. "Well we will tel you our plan and what we wanted to do, but you have to tell us yours and then we can be a team. We know you guys are up to something we just don't know what." Malik says educated. "Well, that's exactly what we were thinking to." I say. "Okay then." we all said. "I guess we're a team. It's all agreed no backing out, and defiantly no double crossing." I say warningly. Then we exchange information and what our plan is going to be. We showed them my arm to prove what we saw, and they tell us what they were planning on doing.

I'm not going to say what their plan is, but I know we made the right decision, with making an alliance with them and forming a big team. So we all set off together to explore, and we come ac cross the middle of the island and the part that is surrounded in a river, I want to go over and explore, but once again the others are more apprehensive about this idea, I finally persuade Morgan to join me at going across the river which is only a couple of metres but is very deep then shallow, we get half way and then lots of eels come and surround us, every one starts screaming at us to look out! We scream and run as fast as we can through the water, thank goodness we get to the other side! Malik falls into the water, and can't turn back! He swims so fast but the eels are already there, James passes him a machete and he swipes at them and thank goodness he is okay! He swims over. Hes all right. We go off and explore, the forest is so thick, we finally get to a clearing, but, it's huge! like the size of a soccer field. Right at the middle is a strange structure like thing. We walk straight up to it, there are two symbols on it one up the top and one at eye level, I reach up and put my hand on one of the symbols that is shaped like a hand, but with four fingers. But as soon as I touch it I fall down and become unconscious, I am having a strange dream that I am flying through space so fast, zooming through the stars. But then I get woken. I'm fine. Malik uses his machete and reaches out the top to the eye-shaped symbol, and as soon as he touches it he collapses to and fall to the ground and his dream is that he is floating in space and directly in front of him is a huge pyramid, he feels he is going towards it and something important is going to happen but then I wake him up. We have a rope and a hatchet, we decide we need to climb up, we tie the rope to the hatchet and throw it up to the top, it comes back at us crashing down, we give it another go, this time it gets stuck up there and we pull it to make sure it is stable. It doesn't budge, I climb first and then after me, Morgan then Malik. When we get to the top there is a big open hole that is just never ending and I feel really curious about it, so we discuss it and decide one of us should climb down, I think I want to so I do. I sit on the edge and put my lower legs in, they won't move suddenly I'm stuck there and I can't get out, I'm very worried I ask the others what to do! "Well, you can't get out so will have to go in?" Morgan says worried. I give a cry of terror, but I've got to do it, I take hold of Morgans hand and slowly slide down, into the deep black hole. Suddenly I fall down into this dark open space that is just there and seems like there are no walls its just big and open. The others come down too, they must of come to see if I'm OK. Our eyes slowly adjust to the light or lack of light we can all see bright glowing round globes we walk over to them and Malik reaches out and touches one of them then a door opens, into like a control room for a space ship, it is so strange, it suddenly clicks that the big pyramid and triangular shaped things are UFOs or something!

We all try and click the buttons to see if it will start up, we keep seeing the four fingered hand print like its a key. It won't start. Then we hear strange gurgling noises like an alien language. Then we see big fat green alien like globs coming straight towards us, uh oh! We don't know if we should run or stay calm and still. We stay where we are there is no way to get away, they grab Malik and start talking in their weird little language and gurgle away, while we try and try to get Malik back then the other one grabs me and Morgan is screaming and they get her, and then take us to a little jail cell, and we are so over whelmed by all of this, I cry, and then so does Morgan, we all sit together huddled up trying to comfort one another, Malik is telling us it will be OK, but we're not so sure. Then after a while one of the scary green aliens come and deliver three cups and a jug of weird liquidy gross stuff. Malik dips his finger in it and says it tastes great so we all have some and we feel so great like never before and then suddenly we crash and hit a wall and have a very long sleep.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 1

We all arrive at the meeting point for where we are going to take off. Everyone is excited and ready to go, we all have our bags and are prepared. we all aboard the water plane. Sam is a highly trained pilot who is going to fly us to Matainui. I get relaxed into my seat next to Emma and opposite Leah and Morgan. We're ready to go. As we are taking off me, Leah, Morgan and Emma are chatting about how exciting this trip will be. I also have butterflies in my stomach! The water splashes up on the windows and the engine roars as we try to take off.

And there we go, it seems like such a good ride until, we suddenly start going down down down, this is so strange everyone is panicking we thought we were in good hands, but then over that loud speaker Sam is shouting "I never passed my test! I never passed!" now I really start to panic, what did I get myself into? Mr Woody would've known to look into getting an actual professional pilot! How could this happen! We are plummeting so fast it is crazy, I fumble for Emma's hand to see if shes okay. We find each other, but where are the others, oh my goodness this is terrifying. People are screaming and trying to find each other. I have mixed emotions of anger, sadness, utter terror and panic. Suddenly out of the blue I get this strange feeling and I'm just floating, I know whats going on and I have a strange kind of sixth sense of whats happening, but I don't do anything. Everything is going really slowly, it is the weirdest thing I've ever felt. Then everything speeds up again. Back to normal, but now we are going to crash for sure. we hit the ocean with a huge crash and splash.

Water is everywhere, at least it wasn't on the beach it would've been ten times worse. The water is so freezing I'm shivering and I see peoples bags and heads bobbing up and down in the water. Where are my friends? Where is my stuff? How far away is the shore? Will I get there alive? A million questions running through my brain. Finally I find Emma and Morgan but Leah has a broken collar bone and won't stop screaming with agony, I feel so sorry for her, we have to get moving if we want to get to shore before the others. We have chosen to stick together. Morgan drags Leah to shore and me and Emma try recover the bags, we find Morgans, then Leah's, but we cannot find our own. There is no time trying to find them we have to keep going. We catch up to them. It is so difficult to swim against the waves. Its probably about one hundred metres to go, easy for some, not for others. Thank goodness we are all able to do it. Finally we arrive. We are the first the others are still searching for what they can find on the plane. We all collapse, we are exhausted. Emma goes to Leah and helps her with her arm. Then we set off, with our stuff, we are heading to the headland, then going to cut across to the big mountain.

We are going to split from the pack. hopefully then we won't get into to many arguments like we probably would've if we'd stayed. We are all in shock. At least we have each other. We come up the mountain and through some sort of clearing or pathway that must have been made by a mysterious animal or something. So we follow it. We get to a huge massive web, like a spiders web, on the ground there are bones everywhere, I assumed it was animal bones, I didn't really care, but Morgans not so keen. but in the middle there is a huge glowing thing, I feel so enticed towards it, but Morgan is allot more apprehensive than I am. Just have this urge to climb up and see what it is, Emma does to but she wants me to climb up. So Emma gives me a leg up, and I stand on her shoulders, I grab the glowing thing. Then suddenly a huge spider five times bigger than me jumps on me! It is ripping at me and trying to pull me up so it can eat me, Emma grabs my legs and pulls me to get me away from it. Leah and Morgan are throwing things at it to make it let go, I'm terrified! I have a new profound phobia of spiders. I get away and we all run as fast as we can to the left the complete opposite direction we found it! I'm crying and shocked. My arm is so sore and its throbbing. The glowing thing was a trap. Emma and I should've listened, I just had such an urge to take hold of it. Well now we know. If we ever come across something like that again we are prepared.

Then we all realise something, we think we've gone back in time. Back when we came here last, there are ruin of our old villages, we realise we didn't need to bring all the stuff we did because ewe have it all at our old village. This is an amazing discovery. Well now we all need a good nights rest, and think and talk about what we just experienced, it's been a huge day for us. All we can do is hope for a good outcome, and hope that leaving the others was the right thing to do. What a great welcome back!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Returning To Matainui.

This is going to be really cool, we are returning to Matainui for two weeks woohoo!
We will be writing about this frequently and keep you up to date on all the juicy gossip and plots that come about. So it will be kind of like a diary of how the island is. Which will be very cool by the way. So you should always read it.

But for now we haven't left for Matainui yet so I'll let you know when we do.

Wish us the best of luck and happy travelling!