Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Top Ten Items.

I think everyone should take......

1. A watch with a compass.
2. Two first aid kits the second is a spare.
3. Flashlight or torch something to light up your path at night.
4. Whistle. Something to get peoples attention so if you get lost they know to follow the whistle.
5. Water purifying tablets, or a system that can d0 that.
6. A roll of plastic trash bags. They are light and water proof take them everywhere.
7. Flint or lighter or matches something to start a fire with, but make sure you can put it out again.
8. Knife. A sharp sturdy knife will be great to have on hand.
9. Tarpaulin. If you don't have a descent tarpaulin then you better have a very good shelter. Also they are always great for emergencies.
10. Some high calorie, protein and iron bars, to keep up your energy levels, always have some on hand.


Happy Camping!


  1. A good post on Return to Matainui.
    I did come across a website It’s has all information on first aid emergencies. It has information on Human emergencies and even for pets like cat or dog. Hope it help you guys too.

    Signature: Online First Aid Kit

  2. Thats nice to receive help from someone else. I wonder if its a reliable website though? I would check the blogger's profile before following the link in case it's to something dodgy.
    It is a very useful bunch of survival stuff you have taken. I wonder if you will escape your current predicament!!!

  3. Those are all really good and useful things to take.

  4. OMG that is so great "happy"
    i have learnt alot from your inspiring information!