Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 14

LAST DAY! Wow this has gone so fast its crazy!

We wake the next day full of excitement and eat a good breakfast quickly and get ready fast so we can swim out to the spaceship again and deliver the ankh! So when everyone is ready we try and get straight out there to present the aliens with our gift. None of us can wait until 12 noon, so we leave at ten to 12 instead!

The swim is pretty straight forward and no one gets tangled up this time, we get there in short timing, and none of us can contain our excitement, so we quickly jump out and on to the opening of the ship and I press the button again and this time the ship starts going up, up, up, into the sky but very slowly. The alien opens the door and summons us in and to follow him.

We follow him into the control room, and he says very slowly, "You have the ankh?"
"Yes, we do. You learnt to speak english?" I say, after all I am the spokeswomen for our group.
"Very good, and yes we have learnt to speak english, it has been quite a challenge. Can we please have the ankh?"
"That's good, yes, here it is." Morgan steps forward, slowly she is a little bit apprehensive of the aliens, "Here, it was a gift to me, but you need it to get us back so here take it." She says frightened.
"Thank you very much, I sense tension between me and you, there is no need to worry, you will not regret this decision. We are on your side, ahhhh that's better."
Morgan chukles a little bit. I can see why! Haha.

The alien places tha ankh in a little slot next to the steering wheel, and we start getting faster and faster slowly leaving Matainui, but hopefully not forever!

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