Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 3

We wake up on a bed of metallic soft mattress stuff and we agree it was the best sleep we've had in ages, and when we are finally awake properly Leah informs us that we were unconscious after drinking that gooey liquid that momentarily made us feel really good then we crashed. Then we realise that we have been split into boy and girl cells. We hope the others are okay. We all decide we are starving and the next time there is an alien thing that walks past I ask for some food, it replies but I cannot understand it, hopefully it understood me. Thankfully it did because the alien returned with food enough for all of us. We are so pleased this is the most normal food we have had in a long time. Once we finish the alien comes back and unlocks the door, and takes us to the control room, Malik and Mac are there! But also three shiny, silver men? They all press little buttons on their watches and reveal themselves as Andrew, Grayson and Leon! They explain everything and all becomes clear.

And then we realise that we have landed on the top of the far left hand mountain, the biggest. Everyone seems fine where we are, hopefully Emma and James are okay too. Gradually we all start getting a strange feeling like we are sending James messages in his head, then it just go's away. The aliens come back and take us to a room where we are shown a video of why we are on Matainui and it explains everything, what it means is that we are here because we need to protect the island from pollution and global warming, and there is a big protective sheet all around the island, and that is why we went through the weird alpha state on the plane ride here! Then I ask why they are here and they put on another video and it explains that they have been put on a mission to oversee that we are doing a good job with looking after the island. Then after all that they say everything is okay and say it is time for us to go and carry on with our mission they have given us, to look after Matainui, but before we go we are each given a small token of power, I get given a trinket with a collection of Egyptian jewellary and a staff with a a statue of a lady with gold wings outspread and a tall figure in a gold dress and gold jewellary it is very confusing.

We all get off the ship and we are in a place like Machu Picchu it is so prehistoric it is the most amazing thing I've ever seen! it's like a glorious old palace. Then we go to a temple and there is a like a sacrifice table. Suddenly everyone feels the urge to sacrifice Malik, there is a dagger and everything! But then I suddenly snap out of it, and say guys, no we can't kill Malik! So instead I catch a wood pigeon and it is the hardest thing ever I feel terrible about this and every one else seems alright! But we have to, its the bird, or Malik. We do it, and then a big stone gateway slowly rises out of the ground, we all walk through it out of curiosity, and when we get to the other side I feel so confident and I can hear all the bird calls so clearly. And I put on all the jewellery, and make myself look like a goddess. I start getting a strange feeling in my back like I'm growing wings?!!? Morgan spots a berry bush that looks eatable, so we go over there and grab some berries to snack on. After we eat them we are feeling very tiresome and weary, so we decide to set up a camping area and try and settle for the night!

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