Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 5

We set off to the cave very early in the morning, all of a sudden the waves roll in crashing on the surface beneath our feet then a portal of some kind opens up then the silver surfers got attracted to the portal and started going towards it, they could not get away from it being zapped up into the top and into thin air nothing was seen of them. Morgan flew up to the sky to check if they had gone there but there was no sight of them anywhere. We carried on telling stories and recounting our experiences down the river to the cave but inside we were all worrying about the other guys, but I guess we had to keep going. Along the way we all we worried and anxious about what we might find in the cave.

Finally, we arrived at the cave and waited at the entrance, first to go in was me being the only one willing to tough it out, followed by Emma, Leah and me, then Mac, James and Malik. I let out a terrifying scream, I was staring straight into the eyes of a Monkey that was talking to me, strange, very strange but he was talking about the technical thing beside him I didn't really understand anything because he was talking too fast. But one word I did understand properly was time machine and the thing standing next to him was very strange, I connected it together and thought that it was a time machine and we were going to go back in time or forwards but I didnt want to interrupt or disturb him by telling the other guys what I was thinking so I sat tight and listened to him babble on about something which I had no idea but I think James was listening, intrigued, the look on his face showed it all.

When the Monkey finished he turned and said to the rest of us "I used to be a Human but now I got mutated into a Talking Monkey." He said it like we were some kind of idiots, we felt pretty stupid, well it was all over our faces, we looked at James he was holding in all the laughter almost bursting! We couldn't believe it, how sad it must have been to be transformed into something like this? I really felt bad for him, everyone else thought it was a big joke, which made me even more upset.

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