Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 11

The next morning I awake first and take my blanket and go and watch the sun rising, its such a gorgeous sight. Then I hear rustling behind me and then I see Leah coming up to sit with me too, "Hey, its pretty isn't it?" Leah says. "Yea its gorgeous. Hey come share my blanket with me, I need some company." I reply.

"Thanks, it is a little bit chilly aye?" Leah remarks. "Mm mm, it is." I say again. "Did you get to sleep at all last night?!" Leah says annoyed, "Not really, aye. Morgan kept screaming and moving around?!" I say, "Yeah I hope she's all right." Leah says, "Yea, ask her what she was dreaming about last night. Because if it keeps happening none of us will get any sleep at all." I state. "Yes, that's a good idea." Leah finishes.

Then we enjoy the view for a couple of minutes and then we go back to camp and Morgan is no where to be seen, we don't want to wake the others so we go trying to find her, and exploring a little bit too! We search and search through the thick, heavy forest and then come across a clearing and find Morgan lying on the ground with her chest throbbing and the Ankh lying right beside her!? Morgan is unconscious and we try and wake her up but shes completely out to it so me and Leah have to carry her back to camp, we hope the others haven't woken up to find we weren't there because they would get a bit of a fright. So off we go trudging but through the forest, at least there is a little bit of a pathway where we can see our way back because we just followed the path we made on the way to find her.

We get back to camp and we find that the others are actually awake and playing knuckles bones with some stones they found to pass the time, "Where the hell have you guys been?" Emma shouts angrily. "We were trying to find Morgan because she went sleep walking and didn't comeback, and now shes unconscious and the ankh is no longer inside of her. We are really confused, but when she wakes up hopefully she'll be able to answer our questions." I explain. "Oh, okay, sorry for shouting." Emma apologizes. "Oh, don't worry we knew you guys were going to be at least a little bit angry, you had a right to as well." Leah says acceptably.
So we sit around for a while and wait for Morgan to wake up, because we can't really do anything or go anywhere unless shes awake.

"Maybe we need to put the ankh back in her to get her to wake up?" James says. "Oh yea, that's an awesome idea!" Mac says. "But we can't really do that a unless we stab it into her?! And we shouldn't do that, because it might kill her." I say intelligently. "Well, why don't we make a necklace and put it on her?" Emma says like we are a bunch of idiots. "Oh, yea okay." James says.

Then Emma shape shifts a long twig into a peice of thin rope and links it through the ankh and ties knot into it and puts it over heer head.

Slowly but gradually Morgan starts to wake up, she seems very dased and confused. I get her a cannister of some of the special waterfall water to make her feel better. Soon she does.

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