Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 6

The monkey shows us a weird round portal that you can stand on and it looks like some kind of time machine or device like that. The monkey tells us to stand on it then he presses a button and said "Good luck" and then a see-through screen comes up around us and then in a flash we can suddenly see ourselves from like two days ago! Freaky, at least we are all together. We can see Leah, Morgan and I lying under the fern and Morgan looks white, ha ha that brings back memories!

Its funny how we reacted then, and now everything is all good. Then we watch Emma being healed by the skull, and James being the big swamp creature he is! Its really weird, now we have this new knowledge of this time portal! I wonder how far back in time it can take us?! I wonder who else know about this?

We see the beautiful waterfall and the big views from the top of the mountain its really funny, watching how we were acting and the little arguments we had. Then I had a gut wrenching thought that time would still be going in normal time and hopefully nothing has happened while we are here or else we could get trapped here! So we try and find a way to get out and then everything stops around us and then the shiny screen comes back up and we shoot back to the cave where we started, the monkey is waiting, "I knew it wouldn't take you long to figure it out" he says quickly. "What I don't get it how did we get out of it?" I cry distraught. "Well if you think about it hard enough you can get yourself out of it, but be very careful, it may sometimes be faulty." The monkey explains.

We are all pretty shocked. But still thankful for the knowledge we now behold of it. We then go to the waterfall again and sleep there the night.

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