Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 4

On day four we woke up to find that Morgan was white, then we discovered she was a Pegasus! Leah, Morgan and I had wings and we were lying under the fern. Then after we were given instructions to go and find the others we did. Leon, Josiah, Grayson and Andrew were following us but they didn't get any powers because they were silver surfer people instead. We spotted James climbing up the mountain holding Emma in his arms but he was hideous he was some sort of swamp monster and Emma was really sick so Mac used the skull to heal her and she was fine after that. We climbed up the top of the tallest mountain and saw the whole island and saw all the weird structures and the thing that surprised all of us was that the other mountains were Egyptian pyramids!? There were different things all over the island different things no one had seen before, Tunnels, caves and forests but the most enchanting was the waterfall. Morgan, Leah and I flew down to the waterfall and it was stunning. I was really thirsty and the water looked so good I took a sip and it was fresh, cool and so revitalising we put some in a canister and took it with us! Morgan still had the gold Ankh inside of her and it was being annoying, it really started to hurt her so I grabbed the balm and put it on a leaf and gave it to her to rub over her and she suddenly felt better, it was like a healing balm.
She felt strong and then Leah and I realised Morgan was a human again and we quickly told her then after a bit of thinking she changed back into a Pegasus then me and Leah tried it too and it worked, we can turn ourselves in and out of our special characters! Except when I turn into mine I have a little bag that has a strap that goes across my body and I have to put my jewellery in it ad take it out again when I need to. We then went down and slept by the waterfall for the night.

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